Friday, March 23, 2007

Conjoined Creations

So yesterday was a long day in the sometimes dreary world of retail. It mostly gets that way when it's really nice out and I'm in. But we got to have the door open for most of the day, which was almost as good as actually being outside, especially when all the leaves and dust from the street would blow in the door. Then it was really like being outside, in a less fun way with a lot of sweeping.

But! My day got brighter when a giant box arrived from UPS. My first response, "ugh." My second? "Cottage Creations!" These are the people who made lighthearted fun of us all during TNNA in San Diego in...whenever that was. (Brain is fried, I gave up the caffeine. Why? I'm an idiot apparently.) We, especially I, spent a lot of time in their booth and by a lot of time I mean multiple days for long stretches of time. They have a range of about 5 billion colors all of which you can get in Dark, Mid, Light and Pale. So multiply 5 billion by 4 and that's really how many they have. Then you can also have them make you custom multi colors out of any of those 20 billion colors. So then it just becomes too many colors to even imagine. You can see why I spent so much time there. And here is what came of it:
100% soy silk in a lace weight in all these lovely colors:

And as if that wasn't enough they also custom dye soy roving with any of the 20 billion colors in any combination. We got some Soy silk roving and also some Optim (which is merino wool where the staple length has somehow been stretched giving it even more lustre.)

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Ruth said...

Do they also dye a nice fingering weight wool in all those hues? Because the mind boggles at the Fair Isle possibilities (not so much a fan of stranded colourwork in slippery yarns...)