Wednesday, February 15, 2006

You try it

All right, most of you know what the shop looks like: where do we put 30 colors of Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Cotton? It's put up in 50-gram bullet-shaped pull-skeins (that is, like miniature Encore).

This is not a theoretical question. Knitting Circle may have to sit on the stuff tonight. Hey, maybe we should offer a prize for the best solution!

Oh, and if you were wondering: 93 yds, cabled, mercerised, 5 sts per inch, says "Handwash" but I bet you can put it in the machine (we'll test and get back to you).


Jennifer said...

I go away for a week and look what I miss!

Lisa M. said...

The answer turns out to be: Move some near-obsolete yarns out of the "chunky yarn" wall; move some chunky yarns from the "mostly Rowan" wall in the West Wing onto the chunky yarn wall; move all the types of Rowan 4-ply to the end where the Big Wool used to be; consolidate the Cash-everything DK--and presto! A nice big space opens up front-and-center for Creative Focus Cotton.

See how simple?

Melissa said...

WHY CAN I NOT FIND a machine washable, non-mercerized, cotton worsted weight yarn? AARGH! If I wanted mercerized cotton I'd go the the g-d J.Crew!