Monday, February 20, 2006


Is "Work In Progress" a standard knitblog abbreviation? Or have I imported it from my grad school days? Anyway, I haven't used it here before, so I'm obliged to provide the definition either way.

Because (with a little help from Courtney) I finally finished the finishing job from hell (pictures later), I'm working through the shop sample for the Lace Sampler Workshop:

(Blogging before coffee sure is difficult. The keys don't seem to be in the right place; I've backspaced and retyped the same typo 3 times, and resting my thumb too near the touchpad thingy on the laptop has caused me to exit the editing screen by accident. More than once.)
Anyway, I like the scarf so far. This is what it will really look like, and this is why we block:

I love being able to block things while they're still on the needle.
There are going to be quite a few more patterns--among the challenges the class is going to cover, we've got to consider a variety of different lace notations, stuff where the stitch count changes, things where markers won't work. And (regrettable but necessary) handling mistakes. (If there are other topics about knitting lace that drive you nuts, and you're free on Thursday evenings in March, let me know, and we'll work them in.)

One last thing: all you Olympic Knitters out there, I don't know the technical rules for the finish line, but don't you think there should be something--say, champagne and munchies--with the closing ceremonies next Sunday? Rosie's would be happy to provide the venue (though not the large-screen tv), and some non-Olympian fans to cheer you on as you frantically weave in the last few ends. What do you think?


Sherry W said...

Well, I'm at the bind off now and I can't come Sunday, but I think it's a very nice idea!

Melissa said...

Lisa- I can bring somefood or wine but maybe you can host team philly! Talk to Wendy as she's the guru!. I'm terrified I'll never finish b/c I have to designate two days for blocking and drying.

Wouldn't it be sunday night?

Lisa M. said...

I'd like to do Sunday around "cocktail hour"--say, starting at 4 or so--but if it's important that it be during the tv broadcast, let's do 8 (or whenever they start). Though if they go til midnight, y'all may have to let yourselves out!