Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Bit of Knitting

Thank you all for bearing with us as we implement the new point-of-sale system. (And thanks to those who've pitched in with the installation of new hardware!) The machine still thinks we have -23 copies of The Knit Stitch, but there's less swearing every day.

And from time to time, some knitting gets done:

One skein of the new Noro, Silver Thaw. It's a scarf. It's about 64" long. Short-rows again.

For those of you wondering what this Sunday's workshop--"Knitting with Unspun Silk"--is about, here's a clue:

We start with silk caps, separate them into layers, draft the layers out into long roving-like strips, then cast on for a scarf. The finished result is soft and warm and lustrous like silk, but with a really rustic, casual look:

And of course, we'll be using hand-dyed caps, so there will be the additional adventure of seeing how the process affects the colors.

Just a little something new, in case any of you are, you know, kind of tired of yarn.

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