Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ten Things I Learned At Knitting Circle

1. There’s a beefcake calendar called “Men of Science Fiction” that features actors from Star Trek series and movies.

2. Four Sisters is a good place to get a pedicure.

3. The Vanished Child, by Sarah Smith, which is seriously one of the 5 best books I read in the last 10 years.

4. How to cook sweet potatoes, and a good recipe for cranberries.

5. The names of a good bankruptcy lawyer (may you never need one!), a good public defender (may you never need one!), and a good child psychiatrist (may you never need one!).

6. Who actually watches all those reality t.v. shows.

7. The phrase “schgutz with benefits.” Everyone should have one.

8. Other things Knitting Circle knows but hasn’t taught me yet: how to fly-fish, how to tie those fancy ribbon bows that florists use, how to give a dog a massage.

9. Things I could ask Knitting Circle if I needed to know: where to stay in London, Vancouver, Toronto, Sydney, Geneva, Paris, Las Vegas, Palm Beach, and most major American cities; and where the local yarn shops are once you get there.

10. All the major treatment approaches for carpal tunnel syndrome.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I don't have carpal tunnel treatment ideas, but I do know where to go for physical therapy for tendonitis, they have helped many a knitter back to health.

Which makes me think....the next epidemic to sweep the country...knitters elbow?