Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Oh. My. God.

It took four different UPS guys in three different trucks to deliver our stuff yesterday: 17 boxes from Westminster Fibers, Nashua, NH, which means--ROWAN.

Not to exaggerate, two of the boxes were small-ish (books, including like 5 different titles from the RYC collection). But the other 15 were large, like 60 lbs, like what you'd ship a dishwasher in. So they went right into the dungeon--where they piled up nicely in front of the 11 boxes of Manos from last week--and now we're starting to dig through them.

Here's what's surfaced so far: Kid Silk Haze, along with its new counterparts, Kid Silk Spray and Kid Silk Night, and lots of things beginning with Cash- (Cashsoft DK, Cashsoft 4-Ply, Cashsoft Aran, Cashcotton DK, Cashcotton 4-Ply).

It's going to take us days to wade through it all, and it's bound to take Alec-the-web-guy some time to get it all online. But if you've seen something in the magazine (or on the Rowan website) that's got you worked up, don't hesitate to ask when you're in here. And we've basically got every color in every yarn now, so if you usually order online, you can go ahead--including new colors that aren't on our website yet--just order any random color and then make a note in the "Notes" section like "What I really want is #849 Sandstone." (Sandstone is one of the new Kid Classic colors.)

I'm pretty sure that I'm pretty excited. For now, though, it seems like I'm mostly overwhelmed and claustrophobic.

Come and get it!


Carol said...

I'm positive that I'm excited. Woo-hoo! Bring it on, baby!

Kathy Merrick said...

I'm positive that I'm excited also. Wool Cotton in there?
Yorkshire Tweed?

Lisa M. said...

Wool Cotton is here except for 943 Flower and 908 Inky. Yorkshire Tweed is here except for the DK in 344 Scarlet. (And I'm pretty sure we already had some Scarlet on hand, anyway.)

Hey, Kathy, which do you (as a crocheter) prefer when Rowan does crochet in the magazine -- more traditional crochet-y things like the accessories in this book, or more Rowan-y things like that coat with the toggles?

Kathy Merrick said...

Lisa, I like the coat best. I like to make hats as well, and I like to play with odd bits and shapes.
I must admit, though, that all too frequently, the playing with bits things end up looking rather desperate and overdone and awkward.
What I really like is beautiful yarn in beautiful colors used to make something fine and useful.
But I'm not alone in that, am I?

Wool cotton makes extraordinarily lovely crocheted garments, by the way, so see you soon.