Thursday, April 08, 2010

Puttin' On The Knits

On Sunday, Beth Hahn will be here to do a few reading selections from her book, The Adventures of Miss Flitt!
At 1pm, there will be a reading of chosen selections from her book, The Adventures of Miss Flitt, a four-part, illustrated, 19th century mystery with character-based knitting patterns by Beth Hahn. The story follows Emma Flitt into a Victorian New York filled with magicians, clairvoyants, charlatans, and pick pockets to unravel the mysterious disappearance of her sister Lucy.

We're all pretty excited to meet her and to snag a few copies for ourselves. Not only does the book tell a story, but it also includes knitting patterns that you see some of the character wearing. Today Johanna and I decided to go outside and snag a few photos of the Emma Cardigan sample we have on display in the store.

(I have no idea why I look so worried and freaked out by some imaginary beast on the sidewalk in the left picture, but I'll blame it on the sun being over-enthusiastically bright today. Or on Johanna acting as creative director/Tim Gunn protégé by telling me to "make it work".)

The Emma Cardigan sample (shown here) was knit up in Ella Rae Heathers but Manos Rittenhouse 5 Ply Merino would be a great substitution. The stitch definition shows in the lace pattern and it's got a bit of give. I'm wearing the extra small size (30") and I am not an extra small, but the negative ease makes the lace pattern show quite nicely. Know thyself, my friends, know thyself. I could see myself making a small (34") in the future. O-Wool Balance would be the yarn to choose if you want something that's warm for chilly offices & trains in the summertime, but cool enough to wear in the evening and not feel overheated. 

Beth also includes swatches in the book made with other yarns such as The Fibre Company's Organik just to give you an idea of how different yarns of different compositions will show off the same stitch. I think this is great because you can pick the appearance and texture of your sweater based on which yarn you pick, and anything that allows the knitter to own the outcome of their project is a definite plus in my book.

If you want to meet Beth and purchase the book & some yarn and get started on this cardigan or any of the designs in her book, stop by on Sunday from 1pm-5pm. We'll see you then!

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Beth Hahn said...

That looks great on you! I can't wait to see the Emma you knit. Thank you, Rosie's, for a wonderful day yesterday! Best, Beth