Monday, January 25, 2010

Hey, Jen! Wanna play Twister?

The yarn floor (Like a dance floor, only squishier).

We've been keeping UPS busy and perfecting our magic stocking skills with all the boxes of yarn that have been coming through our door recently (Rosie's might be small, but we always seem to find room for new yarn!). The latest delivery brought in a shipment from Karabella that we're all excited to get our needles into.

Aurora 4 Ply is a fingering weight yarn with the same wears-like-iron multi-ply construction that made Rowan's 4 Ply soft one of our perennial favorites (RIP, 4 Ply Soft). The extra-fine merino is soft and springy and would be perfect for gloves, baby sweaters, or anything frequently used that you still want to look brand new for years to come.

Aurora Bulky is the super-sized version of 4 ply with the same great construction at 3-3.5 stitches per inch. Make a hat in an afternoon, or a thick and crisp scarf with excellent stitch definition. No pilling involved!

And Boise, oh Boise, is like butter in a ball (if, you know, butter was made from clouds and didn't require refrigeration... It's not a great simile, is it?). At 50% cashmere and 50% merino wool, it's heavenly. In 4 rich shades with more to come, it's the perfect little indulgence to brighten up those grey days (I'm looking at you, rainy Monday).

Come into Rosie's to see what other new yarns we've stocked on our shelves, and check back here for news of events and unveilings. We've got a lot up our knitted sweater sleeves for the upcoming weeks!

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Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to post some of the new yarns online so that we can see the colors? And the prices as well...?