Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Summer Spinning

Now that summer is actually here, and cloudy skies seem to be going away, I've been focusing on other projects to work during the warmer months. One of the ways I keep interest in wools/various animal fibers, without watching it felt in my hands as I knit, is by spinning. I still enjoy yarn as well as the few previous steps required to achieve what's seen on the shelves at the shop. I treasure my copy of Spin To Knit, and Start Spinning is another amazing book. One of the newest kids on the block is Spin Control.
I am in love.

Spin Control is a book that I wish I had when I started to spin for specific projects. At first, I learned to use a drop spindle, and after acquiring 5 or 6 of them, I received a wheel for a birthday present (a Kromski Prelude if you were wondering). I'd had enough experience with spindles to know what my hands were supposed to do. However, I didn't have a lot of control over the speed & tension to make the yarn I envisioned.

This is definitely the book for the spinner with goals and plans. Do you want to spin for a single-ply laceweight? It's in there. Do you want to make a 3-ply worsted weight from space-dyed roving, keeping the color repeats intact? It's in there. How about trying your hand at putting flowers, beads, and/or sequins into your yarn? There's also a section showing you how to do just that. From the sound of it, this could be a Prego spaghetti sauce ad.

We also have the latest issue of Spin Off magazine featuring Quant by Star Athena. You may remember it from the Winter 2007 issue of Knitty. It's a really cute entrelac headband, requiring only 2 oz./200 yards of yarn. That makes it perfect for the new roving that arrives today from Mountain Colors.

Come down to the shop and check it out!


P.S.: We will be closed this Saturday, July 4th and will resume normal shop hours on Sunday, July 5th. Have a happy 4th everyone!

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