Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Project of the Month

Sometimes I look around me, and the artist in me just screams to get away from the strictures of "knitting patterns." Not to mention the fact that the economy has us all scrambling to use what we have instead of buying more and more. The natural move for this month's Project of the Month struck me. I took all of the leftover swatches from the past 20 years of knitting and picked the best and the brightest. When sewn together, they created this masterpeice.

In lieu of the more traditional "pattern .pdf" format we have been bringing you for the past year or so, we wanted this project to be more free-form to enable you to really use your creative minds and heart in order to produce a scarf that really speaks to you and for you as a knitter.

In our version, we also included a versatile pleat (aesthetics and function! A knitter's dream!) that not only adds dimensionality, but adds a keyhole function for an alternate means of wearing the scarf.

It's very easy to knit, and I have outlined each square for you below.
First, gather your materials.
Yarn (1 skein each of the following):

Reynold's Saucy in Lemon Yellow
Cascade Pima Silk in Pink
La Gran Mohair in Fuschia
Kohlibi in Burgundy
Noro Iro #18
Caron Simply Soft in Butter Yellow
Donegal Tweed in Black
Manos Clasica in a color that doesn't actually exist but was a prototype sent to Lisa from Uruguay
Manos Clasica #120
Manos Clasica #64
Reynold's Whisky #86
Rowan Scottish Tweed DK (which is discontinued, but you could probably find it on Ravelry)
Summer Tweed in Toast
Kidsilk Haze (held double) in 579
Rowan Cotton Braid 360 Degas
Red Heart in Yellow
Rowan Pure Wool DK in blue
Reynolds Saucy in Aqua
Cascade 220 in Green
Jameison's Shetland Worsted in Mulberry

1 pair each single pointed needles in sizes 4through 13.
Stitch markers
Intarsia bobbins
3 Safety pins
Darning Needle

Oh, for goodness sakes.

April Fools Day!


Wendy said...

You so funny!

Bridget said...

Good one!

Anonymous said...

Red Heart in yellow ----check!

Cirilia said...

Dude, I'd be willing to bet a lychee martini that someone came in wanting to make that.

diana said...

um, colorful but who would take the time to find all that yarn? i kind of like it.