Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Exotic Blend of the Day

From Louet, here's Paco Vicunas:

It's a blend of Paco Vicunas (which is a type of alpaca bred to resemble Vicuna, the extremely rare Andean camellid known for its extremely soft, extremely warm fiber), seacell (a cellulose fiber containing seaweed derivative), and optim (merino fiber that has been stretched, making it even finer than "regular" merino).

Most merino has quite a lot of crimp, which gives merino yarns great memory or "bounce." The process that turns it into optim, however, removes the fiber's waviness -- and also, therefore, its tendency to sproing back a bit even after assertive blocking.

Alpaca, of course, is known for its excellent drape (rather than its resilience). Combined with the soft hand of the seacell, we've now got three fibers that say "drape and softness." So you should already be thinking "lace" . . .

. . . even before you hear that there are 350 yards per 50-gram skein. Yes, it's $60, but one skein would certainly make a scarf, and there's a lot of luxury in that 50 grams. It's going to hold pattern stitches beautifully and just float around you.

Here's a close-up that shows the color more accurately:

We'll be getting more colors soon, but wanted everyone to know this has arrived, particularly since Knitter's Review discussed it here. (We haven't swatched yet, but you can go look at theirs.)

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