Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Debbie Bliss Magazine!

The new issue of Debbie Bliss Magazine just arrived! Included are, as usual, great designs from Debbie Bliss! How appropriate.

Great designs for women, in three stories. There's a lot of great summer sweaters in this one, but remember, many of them are designed for chilly British summer evenings so expect a lot of designs that translate well into great year round office wear, perfect for the chilly summer air conditioning or for if you're always too hot to knit yourself a wool sweater.
Great designs for the wee babes as well! Debbie Bliss does it best.

And a wonderful and innovative home dec section. Great summery afghans for your shore knitting and some great ideas for sprucing up your home on your Spring cleaning binge (yeah, right!).


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