Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rauma Ull

It all started with Selbuvotter a few months ago and was fueled by a visit to Arnhild's Knitting Studio at TNNA: Rosie's has Rauma Fever. We now carry Finullgarn, Gammelserie and Lamullgarn.

Gammelserie is a 2-ply 100% wool. Each ball is 50g, 175 yards each and spun at a recommended gauge of 28sts/4 inches but would stretch happily between 26-32 sts/4 inches. We chose 5 colors from their more traditional palette:

Funullgarn comes in over 100 colors, and we carefully selected 25 colors plus the traditional black and white. Perfect for Fair Isle sweaters or traditional accessories in modern colors, Funnulgarn is 2 ply, 100% wool. Each 50g ball is approximately 180 yards. Funullgarn is labeled at 24 sts/4 inches, but, Like Gammelserie, can work anywhere between 24-30 sts/4inches.

Lamullgarn is the finest of the three, at 30-32 sts/4inches. We went very traditional with this one, and currently have true black and bright white.

Each yarn would work beautifully in all the patterns found in Selbuvotter, but we also carry wonderful books and single patterns filled with mittens, hats, stockings, sweaters and much more. Each book has an English insert by Arnhild, and she is always available for any additional translation support if needed.

Raumagarn no. 4 and Raumagarn no.3 are tradtional pattern booklet filled with mittens, stockings and hats:
Selbustrikk is a pure accessories book with a focus on imagery and motif:

Per Tryving AS is a family accesories book:

Stacy is busy working on a pair of Selbu mittens in modern colors of OWool 2 ply and I picked up some magenta and mint green Finullgarn for some mittens as well. Abby is ahead of the pack and has already finished a pair of traditional black and white mittens from Selbuvotter (and, as we hear it, already deep into her second pair!)

Whether purely traditional, or someone who goes for a more modern twist, you, too, can catch Rauma Fever.

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meg said...

Way to look Nordic, Stacey. :)