Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little Known Treasure: Japanese Pattern Books

Many new visitors to Rosie's are temporarily taken aback by the sheer quantity of goods we have in the store - especially considering the deceiving entrance and locale. To me, even after a 1 or 2 week absence (vacation, infernal grad school, etc) I always have to take a moment to let it all soak in. (We think this is a big plus. So much amazing stuff!) We thought it would be nice to take a moment to introduce you -- both frequent and new friends of ours -- to a few sometimes overlooked gems we have here at Rosie's.

I can't exactly say when Rosie's started carrying the amazing, delightful, stunning, transport-you-to-another-time Japanese pattern books we currently have in the shop, but recently our selection has expanded to include some wonderful treasures.

One of our absolute favorites is this mitten book:

It is a unique mix of traditional Fair Isle (think Scandinavian) work with Japanese minimalism. The combination is stunning. This is probably the point where you are all saying to yourselves "but I don't speak Japanese!" No worries. This -- and the vast majority of the others -- come with charts and imagery that need no words:

Another winter accessories book we love:

Admittedly, the cover is slightly deceptive. The vast majority of the patterns are more traditional selbu-style, including the red and white beauties at the top of the post.

There are books featuring a wide variety of garments:

Or funkier, more modern styles:

As well as Knitting and Crochet titles, we have the opportunity to extrapolate when picking out the books, and inevitably a few others make it on the list:

This book, "Sewn Frocks", is chock full of beautiful dresses and outfits. What kills me about it is the styling -- this is, hands down, the coolest 8 year old I have ever met. (It is no secret I wish I could re-live my adolescence as her).

Another gem is "Bonjour mon Petit Bebe!" Filled with both sewing and embroidery patterns, it is a classically beautifully book with just enough cuteness, but not sickly sweet.

The books are located above the Koigu in the main room of the shop. Next time you have a moment, come in and take a peek!


Anonymous said...

I love the "East meets West", abolutely beautiful combinations you have shown us through your book entries ! I would love to do something like that in our o-wool yarns. Thank you for some inspirational photos.

Anonymous said...

The mittens are absolutely lovely! Those knitting books are great. Where have you bought them?

knithappy said...

The Japanese books are available at Rosie's Yarn Cellar. We only have limited quantity so they aren't on our website. You can order them by phone by calling the shop at 215-977-YARN.
Glad you like them, we do too!