Monday, March 17, 2008


So we've got the pattern of the month up and running, and soon all of our Rosie Knits patterns will be available to download from our website! There's nothing like immediate pattern gratification. And although The Baby Jacket With Moss Stitch Edges will still be The Baby Jacket With Moss Stitch Edges, we'll be abbreviating it wherever necessary with Emily's suggestion of BJWMSE. So much more consise, and Kate will always be able to find the file on the computer in the office. Thanks for playing the name game with me!

Check it out!


EmilyG said...

Cool! And is that to be pronounced "bijwimsey?"

Anonymous said...

If you pronounce the "j" like in "fjord", I think this becomes "By Whimsy", which is completely charming.

Kim said...

I really like automatic downloads so will be shopping often. Your shop is wonderful and I don't get there often because of the distance. Am making a trip to Philly at the end of May and will definitely stop in.