Friday, September 14, 2007

Yarn? Yeah, we got that.

As promised, I have finally gotten photos of tons of yarn, courtesy of Carrie the photographer extraordinaire. We spent most of Wednesday pulling yarn and photographing it and then I have spent the past 2 days resizing a bajillion photos. Not as fun as knitting with the new yarns but itames, color names and color numbers. Sometimes I wonder what I would fill that space in my brain with instead of, "That blue Kidsilk Haze is #592 Heavenly, 229 yards and $14 per ball. I happen to know that we have 5 skeins left, I sold 4 this morning to Anne and there is one on the shelf." Maybe I would be an astrophysicist. But then, I'm not even sure that's how you spell "astrophysicist."
I digress. On to the hot pics:

This is the new Misti Alpaca Chunky (108 yards, 100 grams per hank, 2 ply
Suggested needle size: 3.5 stitches per inch on U.S. #10), which is 100% baby alpaca and is soooo incredibly soft! It comes in 36 amazing colors, tweeds like this:

And solids like this:

The color above is the one Stacy is using to make this awesome Drops sweater that Kate covets. Andrea is making Juliet from Zephyr Knits and I think I may be a copycat and make it too out of this color
and Carrie made the scarf seen above out of one skein of the Chunky and the pattern is available free from the Misti Alpaca website here.
We also got the Misti Alpaca Super Chunky, in all of its 12 colors. It is a 50/50 Alpaca Wool blend in solids and heathered colorways. The two ply construction gives it a little extra strength and should keep it from pilling really badly.

Below is a steal from Berroco, Ultra Alpaca Light. A sport weight wool alpaca blend, 144 yds to 50g at, wait, are you ready? $5! rock on Berroco. And there are designs for this in the new Norah Gaughn book out from Berroco too.

And also from Berroco is the new yarn Peruvia, which I think is my favorite "yarn-like yarn" this season. A good price, $8/skein, and decent yardage (174 yds/100 g), knits up at a decent 4 stitches/1" and would be great for felting. Check out some patterns here, and stop in to see Norah Gaughn's new book from Berroco too! And the cover of the new Interweave features Norah's "Tilted Duster" which has a very loyal following.

This yarn is one I couldn't resist. The colors spoke to me. Autunno, from Di Ve (distributed by Cascade Yarns) is 4 sts/1", $6.75 / ball and it comes in these crazy colors:

It is a single ply of 100% wool, but it is lofty, lustrous and incredibly soft to the touch, like wear-next-to-your-skin-soft. I really want to make a sweater out of it, but can't figure out which is the best color and then maybe it needs to be multiple colors and maybe I should just make a hat...Argh!
Stay tuned for more, there's new colors of Handmaiden Sea Silk, new books, tons of Anne on the way, and a new sock yarn from Schaefer called "Heather" which is a silk, merino, nylon blend (superwash, wow!) which promises to knock our socks off...and hopefully a new Sock Boutique will appear on the Rosie's site soon!

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