Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Upcoming Events at the Cellar

We are having lots of fun getting ready for all the fall yarn, if you count yarn tetris as "fun." New stuff is coming in every week now and we are madly dashing to keep up with where to put it. There are new sock yarns in, which means deeper discounts on all the sock yarns we had already so do come in and take a peek! $4 a ball Regia? Can't be beat. $8 Trekking? Not too shabby.
Due to all of the room-making we have been doing we are going to have our (drum roll)
2nd Annual Sidewalk Sale on Saturday August 4th from 9-5!
Yes, we will be open an hour earlier. The shop will still be open until 6 but we're going to end the Sidewalk Sale early so we can tidy up. There will be tons of stuff on sale at unbelieveable prices. Sock yarn, Rowan, Noro, Jaeger, all the big guys will be represented in the mad dash to make room for Fall. There will be lots of patterns too, 10-25 cents a pop! (And good ones, not just crazy cat sweaters from 1987...although there will be some of that too, I'm sure, so if that's what your into...). This is a great chance to grab stuff to knit for people you like enough to knit for for the holidays, but maybe you don't like them that much. Also a good opportunity for the students out there. I know you all come in to get stuff for your classes so get a head start and a good deal. There will also be refreshments and a learn to knit station so you can bring your friends who are always nagging you to teach them to knit and we'll do it for you! It'll be a good day.

Upcoming classes for fall go like this:
Beginner Knitting starts Thursday August 23rd
Beginner Crochet starts Tuesday September 25th
Sweater Class starts Monday September 10th, all details here.
And we won't be having any workshops for the month of August, since so many people will be out of town and all that but we will be hosting Drop-in Days. For $5 you can bring in your lingering project from last winter and get help figuring out where the heck you are in your pattern or what on earth you did wrong. Get back into knitting gear! If you let us know you are coming we'll love you, but you don't have to call ahead of time.

And last but not least, I had to let you all know that we just got in a bunch of truly lovely skeins of Shepherd Sock from Lorna's Laces!


EmilyG said...

"yarn tetris"


Anne said...

Dang! You have to hold your Sidewalk Sale while I'm away on vacation?!

Oh well, maybe you'll have something left when I get back ...

jen said...

the lorna's.....i'm going to faint.

sale....i'm going broke.

i'll be there saturday!