Friday, June 08, 2007

How psyched am I?

So some of you may know that we here at Rosie's are in the midst of a flurry of planning for the first annual "Socksational July." What is socksational July you may ask? We aren't entirely sure yet, BUT! I do know that there will be mad sales on all existing sock yarn (to make way for the INSANE amounts of sock yarn we are getting for fall), new patterns, a sock race on our Knitting Circle blog, sock workshops all month long and other fun and games. I am thinking of sock picnics in Rittenhouse Square, a design got any ideas? I have always thought that socks were the best summer knitting ever, and what better time to get a jump start on Holiday gift knitting? Everyone likes getting handknit socks, even people who live in Florida (and I know that from personal experience, wool and kneesocks no less!).
Today the first Socksational item arrived in the shop, COOKIE A PATTERNS!
Kate and I made googly eyes at Cookie at TNNA last weekend and then schemed in the bathroom about how we were going to invite her to dinner and then we wussed out at the last minute. She is so super cool and we were intimidated. But who wouldn't be? Look at these awesome patterns:

We have all nine of her patterns available in the shop, come 'n' get 'em!
PS, my personal July sock goal? Knit a second sock for once.

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