Wednesday, May 23, 2007

O, Canada

Those Canadians really know their yarns and we have some goodies to prove it.

First, a lovely alpaca/shetland laceweight for shawls arrived Barb at Wild Geese Fibers in lovely Saskatchewan:

Each one has a natural undyed color of alpaca making up 90% of the fiber content and 10% of a dyed shetland wool, giving the yarn body and loft. Above is a natural white with a seafoam color of shetland.
Above is a natural, rich brown (my photo doesn't do it justice) with a bright pink shetland giving the yarn a warm sitting in front of a fireplace drinking cocoa feel. I know it's 80 degrees out.

This one is my absolute favorite. It's a natural black (which is really just super dooper dark brown) alpaca with a crazy tealy blue shetland. It's such a deep lovely color. Again, my flash has ruined it.
Next up, we just got a bunch of beautiful yarns from Handmaiden. 4 new colors of Seasilk, great beach knitting but also these new colors of Mini Maiden a lace/sport weight 50/50 wool and silk that is hands down on of the best on the market. The sheen is unbelievable, I can't imagine that the blend is really 50/50. The feel makes it seem like there has to be more silk in it! It's really pretty spectacular.
We also got a new summery yarn from Handmaiden called Flaxen. It's 65% Silk and 35% Linen in super soft and subtle hand-dyed colors. We were thinking, obviously, Clapotis for summer or some other similar wrap for chilly boardwalk evenings. I only have one picture of it though because my camera decided it was done working for the day.

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Ed R said...

I gotta get in and see you all. Just back from Hyde Park. Ken of course interested in the Franklin letters, I, on other hand, spent 30 minutes in front of exhibit of E.s knitting. She has enormous stock of Novi Needles and bundles of early plastic. One completed sweater. Shes is my hero, but the collar stitches were a bit sloppy.You know me.. counting stitches, ribbing etc. cuff technique.. they were ready to send the guard over. And then to Vall Kill, where I had them pull the yarn out of the bag and the needles. Not hers. Just a prop. Anyway, miss you all. see you soon.