Friday, January 19, 2007

A New Project of the Month (or so)

I know, I know. The project of the month never lasts just a month, sometimes it's 2, or 6 weeks, or 3 weeks. Who knows? We just like to keep you guessing! (ha!)
But seriously, we have a new project of the month and it is really, really cute! This Apple hat is designed by Andrea and knit in Manos Cotton.
The project of the month is technically a kit called Seeing RED Kit from Design Source--
and it's a fundraiser as well. We will be donating $9 of every purchase to the Global Fund For AIDS. Design Source will also be making donations for each of the kits they sell to us. The kit comes with 2 skeins of red Manos Cotton, the bits of green and brown Manos Cotton you need for the leaves, and a pattern for this hat, a scarf and a pillow. Lots of options (but I don't have pics of the scarf or the pillow). If you like, please consider sending a donation directly to:
United Nations Foundation
Attn: Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB adn Malaria
Dept. 344
Washington, D.C. 20055-0344
or go to to learn more about Project RED.
And I hope there will be a new yarn of the week today too!


Anonymous said...

Is this project just for kiddos or are there adult sizes, too?

Courtney said...

The largest size is 20", which would probably fit most women, unless like me you have a giant head. Most women measure in at about 20-22" so a 20" hat would be a good fit, you want the measurement of your hat circumference to be a little smaller than your actual head circumference or the hat won't fit well on your head.