Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We're Baaa-aack!

And we have all kinds of new goodies!
The Smith Island Pattern Factory patterns were a HUGE success, so much so that I ran out of Parthenope and Beatrix on Saturday. I have hard copies of Maude in the shop though.
We had all manner of new and luscious Black Bunny in the booth and came home with more! Get your behinds in here and check it out! Ed has knit up a cute baby hoodie in the black bunny bulky that is super cute. Everyone loved it! But, how couldn't you love anything that came from Ed's needles? Oh oh! and we have some new shelves! I love it.

And 55 POUNDS OR NEW KOIGU! Oh yeah, baby. And it's damn good.

We came back with so much new stuff that I don't have photos of it all, but if you come to knitting circle you will see it all, live and in person. Here's a rundown:

Nature's Palette, a vegetable dyed organic wool, similar weight and spin to the koigu but with a softer, more lofty feel.

NEW BLACK BUNNY! But of course. We have a bunch of the DK weight, which is 100% merino and perfect for babies (machine washable and hand dyed, the woman is mad!) and is great for a heavier weight sock. And you need more sock yarn, oh yes you do! There are too many feet in the world not wearing hand knit socks. Get knitting! We also have new colors of the Black Bunny Bulky and a great new Rosie Knits pattern written just for it for a easy cabled hat and mittens. There is also the ridiculously cute top down sweater that Ed made. It's construction is similar to the Elaine Hooded Baby Jacket but the gauge different here and the knit side is the right side, among some other ingenious changes.

Shokay, the Tibetan word for "yak down" is just that, yarn spun from yak down. It's worsted weight, as soft but stronger than cashmere (codeword: not as much pilling on your pricey sweater) and from a fair trade company. The money for this yarn actually is making it into the pockets of the workers, herders and village folks. Take that Nike!

Victorian Lace, the new book from XRX (those wacky folks who brought you A Gathering of Lace) by Jane Sowerby (who is a lovely person, by the way) is to die for. For real. This book is so right up my alley that I am pissed that I didn't write it. She took actual Victorian era lace knitting patterns and reproduced them with charts and updated instructions we can all understand. The woman is truly a mad genius and I wish I could do her grunt work.

New issues of Piecework and Spin-off are in, just in time for our drop spindle spinning class this sunday (because maybe you, like me, bought some beautiful roving and have no freakin' clue what to do with it, although I have looked at it every morning since I bought it on Friday).

Nature Babies by Tara Jon Manning, one of our favorite gals. This book uses all organic and naturally dyed yarns. There are cute knitted projects and a lot of cool felt projects for dolls and toys, also some sewing projects for those of you who are venturing out into the world of *gasp* fabric!

Oh oh oh!! New sock yarn (as if we didn't already have enough, but when is enough, really?) We have some new luscious jewel-toned colors of Silky Sox and Soxie from Great Adirondack.

I know I am forgetting fifteen other things...

Oh and again, it's Wednesday, so there's new Anne. Okay, in all fairness it got here last wednesday, but we were all packing the truck like mad so no one got to see it.

grrr... and i keep trying to load more pictures and it won't let me! Curses!


Bridget said...

Wow, the new shelves are fabulous! And it sounds like there are plenty of new things for them ...

I am tres upset that I can't make it in to see all the new stuff until next week ... maybe I'll just pretend I didn't read this today. :-)

Courtney, congratulations on being so successful with your patterns at Stitches, that's great to hear.

Kim said...

You have Soxie and those great patterns. I am heading from Central PA to Philly for a campaign celebration lunch on Thursday. Am taking the early train so I can come directly to Rosie's to shop! See you next week. Kim