Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Birth of a Knitter: Episode 2

It seems that the leap from knitter to designer is, for better or for worse, a short one:

A cousin gave Diana a knitting kit for Hannukah (my favorite spelling, by the way, just for its retro look). She's doing the scarf first. And, since she thinks someone else might want to make one like it, she's written up the pattern. I wish, oh how I wish, I could show you the original handwritten version; but I can't get the contrast right and nothing shows up. I can show you the typescript she made from it, unedited:

The Acrylic Scarf
By Diana Myers
Your friend will love this extra long that
is so easy to knit!

3 feet 36 inches

U.S. 6mm size 10s
1 ball encore(shown in blue)
1 darning needle

Pattern Abbreviations: sts= stitches
Cast on 18 sts
Knit 36 inches.
Measure constantly.
Bind off.

Here’s how if you’re a beginner:

Knit 2 stitches as if you are beginning a row. Slip the bottom one off without letting the other stitch off the needle. Knit another stitch. Continue until 1 stitch is left. While you are doing this the scarf will get heavier. Cut the yarn away from the scarf, but from the ball of yarn. Don’t make it too long! Slide the stitch off the needle. Put yarn end through the stitch. Be sure it’s not the cast on
tail! Pull end in. Weave in ends.(Both)


Cut at least 54 8 in. fringes.
Find a place for 4 fringes. Put all 4 fringes into that place. Knot the 4 fringes [not together out of the place] but in the place. Continue doing this until you have done 30 for 4 fringes.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy the kit worked out for her. Tell Diana we wish her lots of luck with the teddy bear, and please post pictures.

Cousin Erica

savannahchik said...

that is just completely adorable! i hope you can get the original handwritten version from her to keep (and maybe even give back to her as an adult?). it's precious!

Sophie said...

That is beyond adorable. How advanced -- and what a savvy consumer of knitting patterns she is. I love the part about "your friends will love this!" Hee.