Monday, October 24, 2005

Stripes, Anyone?

Here's Diana with her new socks, knitted by Suzanne from colors Diana chose. (If you read that as a disclaimer of all aesthetic responsibility by Suzanne and myself, you read correctly.) The yarn is Dale Baby Ull, a machine-washable merino. There's no nylon for strength and no reinforcing yarn; it didn't seem to matter, given how quickly she'll outgrow them.

Diana's wearing a cardigan just finished by her grandmother, Sue. Again, credit Diana with the color choice. The main color is Reynolds's Rapture, a chain-construction wool-silk blend in a bulky weight. The contrast is Baby Ull again, used triple, because Rapture didn't have a good second green. The pattern is Michele Wyman's "Classic Beginnings Seamless Cardigan." I think this was my mother's first seamless raglan; you'll have to ask her if she'll ever do another. It's hard not to let one's judgement about the pattern's usefulness be clouded by the annoyance of using any yarn tripled, I think.

Diana has also begun to knit herself a hat for the winter. Pictures of that will follow soon (though there's not much to see just yet).

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