Friday, April 29, 2005

Lisa says:

A customer named Ruth took the opportunity of her granddaughter's Passover visit to bring her (and her mother, Ruth's daughter) into the shop to choose yarn for a pullover for Arianne.

(That's Arianne on your right in the photo, wearing the Glam Girl Poncho Ruth knit for her last Fall.) But while Ruth was looking around with me at various yarn possibilities, Diana (on your left in the photo) figured she and Arianne should start looking for a pattern. And they're paging through the binder, and talking about sweaters, and now and then Diana takes a pattern out of its sleeve to look inside at the size range . . . . When Ruth and I caught sight of what they were doing, we couldn't believe it. Not bad for 6 and almost-5, huh? Arianne, by the way, apparently prefers a cardigan to a pullover right now. Not that anyone was planning to ask.

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